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Published May 08, 2011

Leader of the wolf pack

2ce3ca8653a8041f5c5da0816d2339da original

& All the bitches what up on these nuts.

I think i ate the wrong Mushrooms

Jake%20in%20the%20woods original

AHA! Am having a flash back from Nam.

This is the guy who killed Bin Ladin.

509fb5255f6338b6f6d272239f7b3e73 original

A God Da*n Ture F*cking American. "O by the way 1982 called."

Bruce Lee was a bitch compared to karate Kyle.

17281 original

With all do respect.

Pussy Magnet

2732489e787759ce3eb2ca94da49c11e original

The Ladies just cream in the pants over the W.V Mud Flap.

the only Guy in prison still rock the rat tail

17bf06bade97a6dcc56162c74911c782 original

That should keep away the but rappers.

he mybe a Vegan but you dont want to see him angry

Mike tyson original

Because your not going to like Mike when his angry.

the ladies love it!

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The Bi Chicks love dudes with man tits.  "3 some!"

A working man's heaven.

8c9a7061bd3b2b0132734cfaba50c56f original

Me in my parents basement 24/7.

what ever I do what I want!

17378 original

How can i save you when i can't even save my self!