We let Seth MacFarlane take control of our twitter account to answer your questions. These are some of the highlights.
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Published: June 29, 2012

No surprise there.

Well there's a surprise! Seth was tweeting from Neil deGrasse Tyson's house!

He's still got love for the street.

A very logical answer.


That would be a great catchphrase.

This doesn't apply to Bicentennial Man.

Did they have twitter back then?

Life's greatest mystery finally explained.

Typical jaded answer.

She was born that way.

There are probably a bunch of other words to describe that besides gay.

A MacFarlane always answers his questions.

That would be a great double feature.

He'd legalize it.

Based on a novel by Sapphire.

You heard it here first!


Yes please.

No thanks.

We thought it was 42.

Well deserved.