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Ohhh I see. You just wanted to send your child off with a backpack that'll ensure he/she will never have friends. Totes.
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Published January 12, 2011

1. That is not Superman

1265 654 original


2. That is not Shrek

58552 700 thumb original


3. That is not a Black Man

128984583694559437 original


4. That is not an Anus

Anus brand lisa frank backpack original


5. That is not a Backpack

Backpack puppy original


6. That is not Batman

Batman backpack fail original


7. That is not Barbie

D65f928b 3d85 4e2a b465 c66549f9326e original


8. That is not Harry Potter. Or Obama.

Harry potter obama sonic backpack original


9. That is not Shool

Img 1094 123 1 original


10. That is not the Broncos Logo

Picture 3 original



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