just some odd pics with some nasty jokes/rants too them (see all on one page.)
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Am Bi Bi Bi

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You want have sex? Just don't tell Keith Urbin that i want to lick and suck dicks like it's my last day on earth for the rest of my days playerz and pimpetz.

check out the new tats babe

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An this is why i total need all new friends. (Hey bros thanks a lot for putting 12 shots into my Kool Aid and spiking it with some hits of LSD there buddies.)

Then thank god its your birthday!

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("Because am going to show of my super hard and a halfmandick to all your friends before i get SUPER F*CKiN FREAKY with all ofthem all at the same time. An hell since it's your b day you can get in the mix to as long as you don't lick or tought anything on me and say out of my eye sight if you could be so kind my dearest sweet mother. Because am 14 years old an am a MAN! BABY!")

I died for your sines and yet this is what i get a painting of me looking like a dirtball.

The%20jay%20man%20 original

Fact: This here paintingis in every single white trash trailerin the world. Thanks White People.

this is why you will never go throught your mom's or your sister's things ever agian.

Dj600801 original

Well that an all the naked pics of them having sex with dudes you never seen before. O man it's your Mothers/sistersbum bum! Yeah thanks alot pictures for showing me that. Now i need to go hang self but this time not for beating off.

2 out of 3 aint bad i guess. "or so meat loaf said."

Picture%20285 original

Been there done them and am cumming back for more of these dirty bitches.

sickim! Kugo!

17655 original

Get them nuts boy. get em boy, get em. get them nuts. (i just hope this dog isn't into humping legsor tea bagging.)

O HELL NO! Girl Friend!

Spice girls retro original

CHEESE POWER! (A did you know the only reason people stil hate the U.K nowadays is becasuse of the spice girls. But hey f*ck itspice girls becausei gotz mesome wiskey and some boner pills so hit a honkey up so i can make you ladies sing all night and day once we get this orgy going on my sweet ladies.)

who is Wal-Mart & why do i need to know?

Koala original

Why because Wal-Mart is going to eat your soul and turn you into a fat retarded junk food generic every thing buying zombie like the rest of us little guy. So run my friend just run and don't stop. Don't you ever stop running!

Killer Vibes Dude

Jake original

Always Shit-faced but never fake and you know this my brother and sisters! Now where is my bong because i need to slowmy drunkinness down stat! MUST NOT GET A HANGOVER!

Hey look thet spent more money on spraying this than the Royals have as a team.

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The New York Yankees. "At least where not the Cowboys."

Just please don't let your son go down on me.

Sunset original

But if you know of any ladies that would be into that kind of thing let me my man. Because old dad here needs it back sucka!

A babe your lips are showing sweetness but yet all i hear is a fart noise coming out of it.

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So where talking about camel toe andit's all thatisee. She must be from Death Valley.

Lets get the F*ck out of here!

Penguins original

Because this sh*t is gayer than 2 dudes at Lady Gaga show eatingout eachothers butt holes out when they both have wicked case ofswamp ass. LATER!


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