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Just some rants on what i would be doing with my money if where very very very rich.
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Published April 21, 2011


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So since am the richest person ever i would buy the right for W.C.W. pro wrestling off the W.W.E. and then get back on t.v. on T.N.T. and T.B.S. live in it's old time slots.

Steubenville Stampede

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So with my billions i would would bring back the Stubenville Stampede and turn them in to an A.F.L. football team.

A.W.C. co owner

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So if i had the billions of $ i think i should have by now , i would buy into the new American Wrestling Company out of Milwaukee and i would turn it into a world independent pro wrestling company.

Owner of the Expos

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So i would bring back the Expos into the M.L.B. N.L. East playing back the old Olympic Stadium that i now own and have fixed up sine am rich as hell and all.

Owner of Cardinal Stadium in Louisville KY

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So i would buy this place fix up real nice like and bring in an M.L.B. team and a N.F.L. team.


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