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what in the H!?
Published June 21, 2011 4.7k views More Info ยป
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Published June 21, 2011

Man that HGH i sold him must really be workin it magic.

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This man has no balls.

Come to the darkside

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Try it on because i just know your going to love it.

all Asian really do look alike.

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So these are Asian boys right?

DAMN! BABY! you lookin fine.

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Don 't lie to your self because you know we all do it.

even if you have no ass like her where all still lookin.

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Tight ass is a fine ass. (hell i will even lick it before i stick it with this young lady any time.)

You Know it!

D9ee8b63b81abe62bd283742dd820a89 original

"Have fun at your gang bang tonight baby girl."


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O them bad boys have got to be real. "woops i just came in my pants."

am going to pump you up!

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Old Rusty here was born with a small head and jonson. So to make up for itby working out 24/7. "An yes ladies his single"


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