You should not use the bathroom in the places but they done did pics. ( this get really dirty )
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Now that's the good stuff

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Drink it in because it go time. 

Fun times on the cruise ships

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When the toilet doesn't flush use the sink. That bathroom 101 stuff right there people. 

That's going to cost you extra

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Hooker they let you pee on them. Goodtimes in the hood. 

Well at least it's a toilet

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Punk Rock never dies ! 

O just pee and poo in the shorts.

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There are no time outs in this kind of Football. 

Sh*t on people literally

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Hey if G.G Allen was into that kind of stuff it must be cool.  "Drink, Fight and F*CK !" 

The Pit Stop

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That's not rain hiyo ! 

The neighbors yard.

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Your dog sh*ts are yard and now we sh*t in your yard. it's simple math kids. 

On Cheerleaders

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Yeah i have a feeling a #2 is about to be droped on these 2 ladies. 

On yourself

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An then you can even eat it like she does.  Hey you well never run out of food this way. "Well at least it's your own sh*t this time." 

A working toilet.

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There we go. That's the right place for once. 

On his dreams

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Will it is there and you do have wine so f*ck it  bro ! 

on the streets

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Hey i do all the time and look how cool i am. 

Sh*t on your Car

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Well your car is a piece of shit so f*ck it just sh*t it on it for real. 

Time to wash up.

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really rub one on. 

True Story

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HEY MOM ! Get the hose !