Martinelli's is one of the leading producers of non-fun, all ages beverages possibly in the entire universe and they're embracing that image this year with their new ad campaign.
By durtneck June 21, 2012 270 views More Info

Martinelli's Sparkling Cider: Don't have fun, have Martinelli's...

Martinelli's: It was almost a party.

Martinelli's: As in, "Who the fuck brought this Martinelli's?"

Martinelli's: We put it in cider... Get it...? Put it "in cider"..? But it sounds like "put it inside her"... Martinelli's, mothafuckaaaaahhhhsss!!!!

Martinelli's: What church people drink when they're not hating gays.

Martinelli's Sparkling Cider: Semen free since 1890!

Martinelli's: Non-alcoholic. Soooo... Have some.... Please..?

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