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Your 2016 Presidential candidates Campaign Endorsements (best to view this all on one page)
Published April 16, 2011 1.1k views More Info »

Am puting A SPELL ON YOU with Mitt his not a witch Romney

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Kristen O Donell (it looks like she just seen old Mitt the  Dick if you know what am saying.) HiYO! 

HOCKEY MOM's vote for Newt "The Moon Man" Gingrich

Sarah palin 5 original

SARA PALIN will be Newt's 5th X wife and his V.P. come 2016.  An also it's a fact don't you know that will be living on the moon by 2020 you all! So FiG Newt in 2016 or this hockey mom will come hunt you down an shoot you died by golly! 

ITS GOING TO BE HUGE Stinking win for Rick Santorum i can just smell it baby! Huge!

Donald trump original

Hey China YOUR FIRED! Because the Donald said so! An as we all know the Donald Trump's everything and you know son! 

AL Gore in 2016

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Mr. Al Gore should of had 4 but now he gets 8 by US. So Vote Al Gore for the score in 2016 and 2020 because am Barack Obama an i am the LAW! 

YOU FEEL LIKE WASTING YOUR VOTE for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson

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RALF NADER. Ralf nader, ralf nader, ralf nader, ralf nader

Don't be a little bitch an wright me in for the win 666 4Life!

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Michele Bachmahn forever!  HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!

WHERE ALL SO F*CKED! So just vote for Johnson

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RON PAUL says just to piss everyone off like i do an vote for only the Mountain Party and Green Party for now on players.


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Ralf Nader 2016. (So like if he is stil alive mind you.) 

Look i get payed and laid baby so you know what to do.

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Newt "niddle dick" Gingrich is going to the moon in 2016. 

Hey at least i have the hippie vote.

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but the thing is 9 out of 10 stoners agree with the term "F*ck the mother f*cking goverment god d*mn it!" So don't be worthless dirty hippie in 2016 an rock the vote fore Rosan Barr in 2016. (Or else she is going back to singing.) 

No matter who vote GOP always.

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Because it's not Rape if you enjoy it people of the USA.  Am i right or am i right Democarts and independents! YOU KNOW WHAT AM TALKiN ABOUT!