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Funny Or Die was at Comic-Con so a lot of these photos are by Dashiell Driscoll. See other sources in captions.
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Published July 25, 2014

Jordan Peele as Stan Lee

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Benedict Cumberbatch and a penguin

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George R.R. Martin as Daenerys

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Johnny Depp cosplayers

18iwthnqy2ki3yytu06k img 0055a these steampunk guys were heading down toward the center of cosplay action

Child Zombie Minion

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Walt and Jesse don't care about rules.

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Felicia Day's more-than-lifesize cutout

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Boba Knievel

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"Alfred and Batman"

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Homer's Dome Day 1

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Homer Completed

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Kristen Schaal's shoes

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Obligatory Comic Con baby

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Very good 'Rick and Morty' cosplay

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The Con's most important table

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Cutest Pixar Couple: Wall-E Edition

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'Game of Thrones' beer

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Tatiana Maslany as Shaun of the Dead

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Steve Zissou <3 Daenerys

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Excellent 'Wreck-It Ralph' cosplay

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Cutest Pixar Couple: Up Edition

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The Avengers react to 'Age of Ultron' footage

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This Spiderman is actually Daniel Radcliffe

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Maisie Williams from 'Game of Thrones' was also a Spiderman

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Functional 'Adventure Time' cosplay

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Lord Business Made of Legos

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A life-sized working replica of the Ninja Turtles pizza thrower

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The food truck serving bugs had a two hour long line.

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Creepy 'The Leftovers' cosplay

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"Shrek Is Love, Shrek Is Life"

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Edgar Wright's religious protestor

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Edgar Wright's religious protestor's literature

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Rick Moranis in 'Ghostbusters' as a religious protestor cosplay

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Stay Puft

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Mortal Kombat mariachi band

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'Game of Thrones' soccer cosplay

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From that movie!

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Batman at BBQ: Front :(

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Batman at BBQ: Back :)

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