Uh, yeah, you've seen this meme ALL over the internet. Here are the best of the best of the best (of the rest).
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Brian Gutierrez as 'the muse'

The "Original"

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This is the picture that popped it all off, aww yeah.

Naughty And Nice

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Hear no evil, See no evil, Brian Gutierrez no evil

Moaning Lisa

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By Leonardo Da Gutierrez

The Incredible Sulk

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You wouldn't like him when he's Gutierrez

Gutierrez versus Mothra

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Big in Japan!

I don't know my own strength...

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And, uh, F it, another monkey one because it fits.

Calvin and Gutierrez

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If only Bill Watterson has licensed his comic...

Brian, Brian, Briannn

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And that's how they become the Gutierrez Bunch

Holy Gutierrez's, Batman

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I hope there's some Brian repellent in that utility belt!

Gutierrez V. Gutierrez

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He's a knockout

Star Trek Into Gutierrez

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Set phasers to 'Brian'

No Spoilers

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Seriously, I've only seen a couple episodes of this show so if you ruin anything for me I'm going to be super pissed.