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Look at this at work if you want to lose your job. (view all on one page a.)
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Spoiler Alert

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This is about to get even dumber than this so gear up bud. ( Yo i can get this bad boy maxed out to 80mph son! )

Something smells rotten.

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Anyone up for eating out };-)

Brownstown Ohio

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Now if only her baby daddy would have done that she wouldn't be at the carnival right now looking for but play. "Because you can't get pregnant when you go back door ladies."

They have to grow up sometime don't you know.

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O yes i remember my first boner. Goodtimes. Goodtimes.

Please be 18

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Hey as long as you have a big d*ck it doesn't matter what you look like or how much money you have a players. Am i right ladies or am i so right.

Casey Anthony j.r

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O! Who needs to know how to read anyways you know. Said the mom of year.

Time for your Mammogram

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Dr. Crock says your cancer free and as preky as can be. Great Job!

Do you see what you make Yoda do Darkside

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The force is strong with this one.

Do the dishes dog.

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Hey it beats paying the water bill. Good boy. Now get daddy a beer.

Don't you Shark me!

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O no am think am having a LSD flash back again! "An this is why you don't crack a hipster's backs." Bi

Well that is what the test said dog.

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Am retarded.


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