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Don't piss me off slap nuts. Sing it with me "thats what friends are for" ( view all on one page to see the full BS ) Thanks cum again.
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Welcum one and all to the freak show baby!

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i love the weekends

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Suck it! BOOOM! we got your ass sucka!

Your shooting at the Wrong whole asswipe!

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"An i slap dat ass even harder laides };-O you know whats good in the hood."

Well F*ck me runing that is a lot of sh*t!

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That iswhat i get for going to the DMV am i right people or am i right ;-) wuz good snap!

Story of my life i guess you could say.

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Miss. Finstown Kirkwalla ladies and gents. She will be here all of her life. Thank you thank you very much.

Going to college at W.V.U is really paying off now.

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"A b*tch f*ck a car! because Yoto is way more coolyah ho." ( You see kids you can't aways suck d*cks to the top.)


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"Ok! Who put the boner pills in mydrink agian? Ok don't tell me but i have a stong feeling it was you!"

Living La Vata locaah!

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"He will push and pull you in living La Vata Mexican man." iiiii!


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