Lets get naked! (veiw all on one page for the love of GOD!)
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Published September 04, 2012

Mybe next time don't bong a whole sh*t tone of White Russians all at once my man.

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His just lucky i used soy mike.  "Where all damn near 30 (dude puking is 32.) years old and we are still acting like frat boyz. Even when where all high school drops outs that never went to college."   

Hey before we get blitz if you have to take a sh*t do in my neighbors yard um K!?

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i don't have running water or eletric but i do have batteries in the boom box. O by the way just piss out the windows you all. NOW LETS GET F*CKED UP iN HERE TONiGHT! YOLO!

But first i must pre bake.

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"Hey if am going to jail tonight agian i got to be able to keep my kool in there this time."


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Because there is always a need for some back up. "just remember to put your name on your cup my dudeness."

This is after 3 shots of Tequila.

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Just think about what she is not going to have on after 5 shots and what she is going to some lucky guys after 10 of them ;-) YOU KNOW WUZ UP! "An it's in my pants HiYO!"

Now lets get retarded in here!

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just keep em cumin babe.

The Next Day.

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Am not clean that sh8t up.  "Good thing i was pretending to live here." Now where in the hell is that cup?