Photographic evidence that there has been plenty of nude photo scandal among members of royal families.

Thanks to their own respective nude photo scandals, both Prince Harry and his sister-in-law Kate Middleton have recently found themselves the topic of much discussion in seemingly every media outlet. But let's not pretend like this was the first time a member of royalty was caught in a precarious position by an untimely photo...

The residents of Kong were none too pleased when their King showed up on this European movie poster showing off his own personal skyscraper.

Princess Jasmine is the first of three members of Disney royalty that makes the list. Though I can't understand why she's so surprised she was spotted, what with her walls being made of sheer curtain.

Back in 1999 Prince was partying like there was literally no tomorrow, so let's not judge the guy for experimenting a little.

In his first public appearance in front of the tribe, young Prince Simba proved that even as an infant, he was already fit to be King.

Speaking of King's, not even Bernie, my sister's King Charles Spaniel, is immune to controversy.

We all had our suspicions about Prince Adam, a.k.a. He-Man, but this photo pretty much wrapped it up. It seems that by the power of Greyskull he was able to convince his buddies that they couldn't possibly defeat Skeletor AND wear pants.

And how can we forget the incident with King Louie at the after-party following the '67 Oscars? The Jungle Book had a great showing, but Louie had the greatest showing of all. Unfortunately it wasn't captured on film, but luckily some misguided execs at McDonald's decided to commemorate it with possibly the most ill-advised Happy Meal toy of all time.