A new Adult Swim 24/7 new t.v channel for the Adult Swim network is coming soon and this is a list of shows you can watch on there mates.
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Cum hang out with Jon. 

Home Movies

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it's just good old faction fun. 


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Stroker and Hoop

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Yep it's kind of like that one show you know ! 

Check it Out ! with Dr. Steve Brule

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Check it out you dangus because it's Pretty COOL!

Super Jail

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Since your life is already a prison watching Super Jail should make you feel right at home.

Children's Hospital

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We need some LOL stat ! 

Marry Shelly Frankenhole

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it's alive ! 

The Drinky Crow Show

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Keep Drinking ! 

News Readers

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Gotz to keep up with the news. 

Family Guy

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it's tits. 

Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell

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Just feel the burn. 


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#1 in the hood G ! 

Space Ghost Coast to Coast

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Now that's a real talk show on dat ass bitch ! 

Time and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job

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Hey yo at least it's better than SNL or Mad T.V. 


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They will find out everything because there on to your little games. 

The Venture Bros.

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GO TEAM Venture ! 

Robot Chicken

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Geek out you nerds ! 


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Re-runs back again ! 

Frisky Dingo

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Deep down Frisky Dingo is a good guy. Just watch and you will see. 

Sealab 2021

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Best theme song ever ! 

China iL

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Get you mother f*cking ass back to school ! 

The Boondocks

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This show is good for the mind body and soul. 


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i do cocaina ! 

Black Dynamite

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Slick as it gets ladies ! 

Mission Hill

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Give it the old college try because i know you will enjoy this show my brothers and sisters ! 

The Oblongs

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Keep your family together by watching the Oblongs. 

12 oz. Mouse

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So if your very drunk and high this is your kind of show bro ! 

Mongo Wrestling Alliance

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A for the love of pro wrestling and cartoons watch this god d*mn show you mother f*ckers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Mighty Boosh

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Now these dude rock ! 

The Brak Show

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Classic good time fun. 

Saul of the Mole Men

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Check yourself for Moles. 

Rick and Morty

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Back to the Future ain't got sh*t on these two don't you know. 

Moral Orel

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Thank You God for Adult Swim. 


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Remember my friends there is only once race the human race, and there is only one planet  Earth. So yes you know it my friends where all in this together forever so lets show some team work ! 

Loiter Squad

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Black is back ! 

The Simpsons

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Hey why not ? Ever other channel runs re-runs of The Simpsons. 

Xaver Renegade Angel

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Just don't watch this show tripping out of a mix of mushroom caps and LSD like used to because this show is trippy sh*t man ! 

Bob's Burgers

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Cook it Up ! 

American Dad

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Best Dad ever ! 

Assy Mcgee

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His one bad ass ! 

Harvey Birdman

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His one fine Attorney if you ask me. 

The Eric Andre Show

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So stupid it's good. 

Eagle Heart

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The Law is coming for you. 

Lucy the daughter of the Devil

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Hell of good. 

Korgoth of Barbaria

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Now that is some man stuff right there sweethart ! 

Off The Air

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Yes this is a comedy show. 

The Cleveland Show

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This is the Cleveland Show but lucky for them they don't live in Cleveland OH. 

God The Devil & Bob

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Where all like Bob. 

Perfect Hair Forever

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Now if only i had hair. 

Tom goes to the Mayor

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They sure do come up with some good ideas good buddy ! . 

The Heart, She Holler

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White trash family fun for the dirtball inside you boo. 

King Star King

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He is the king of heros ! 

Fat Guy Stuck in internet

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AKA the story of my life. 

Saddle Rash

D423659af2b2f25e146cbc61c799ff53 original

The good old Wild West Days have never been so badass ! 

King of the Hill

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That there is a good show i tell you what ! 

Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Super Town Candy Fudge

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Stripping ain't easy but she is hiyo ! 

You're Hole

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Become one with yourself and watch you're hole you all. 

Adult Swim 2

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These are just a few of the show that will air on the all new Adult Swim 2 channel. A lot of the Adult Swim U.K stuff is not listed on this post and even of the USA adult swim stuff is not listed here a. But no Toonami on this new channel just Adult Swim level Comedy 24/7. 

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