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There's simply nothing that James Franco can't do. So James Franco does everything.
Published March 04, 2013 360 views More Info »
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Actor. Director. Poet. Doctoral student. Writer. Singer. James Franco does all of the cool things you say you would do if you only had the time. Even though in reality, if you were given more time, you'd likely just use it to re-watch the early seasons of Mad Men on Netflix. But not James Franco. He does everything you say you'd like to do. Every last thing. All at the same time. These are just some of the unknown exploits of the fantastic Mr. Franco...

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That flight you took from Boise to Orlando with a layover in Milwaukee? James Franco piloted the second leg.

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It was James Franco’s fine-tuned skills of deduction that located the Bin Laden compound.

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James Franco got your car to stop making that weird knocking noise.

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What suddenly turned your kid’s math scores around? Private tutoring from James Franco.

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James Franco fixed Tiger Woods’ swing.

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What finally made your beagle stop pissing in your shoes? James Franco: Dog Whisperer.

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James Franco was the real CIA operative that created a fake movie in order to rescue six U.S. diplomats from Tehran.