You'd be wise not to mess with any of these knife-wielding, psychotic -- oh who am I kidding? They're too cute to ignore/get murdered by.
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Published March 30, 2011

1. Paw on the trigger. Always on the trigger.

Cat gun original

2. He'll Tear Your Motherf--king Face Off If You Deny Him Treats

Tumblr liu6h8jk0j1qzlfumo1 500 original

3. Yes, he has a knife. But does he know how to handle it? Yes.

455067927 b7fd59f023 z original

4. Nice Try, Mr. Giggles

Scary dog original

5. Probably Photoshopped. Definitely Deadly.

Funny groundhog picture screw ted nugent  original

6. Oh just another psycho ready for his walk.

I am scary dog original

7. Take your pick. You choose how you'd like to die.

5283932431 5e325f8b11 z original

8. I wouldn't mess with a goat packing two shotguns

Tumblr litlm9m8r61qe0wclo1 500 original

9. Samurai Dog is a classically trained assassin

Tumblr lgifj7q8mu1qzq9m4o1 500 original

10. Look into his eyes. And you'll see hell.

Giant dog w gun original

11. And that's his smallest gun

2938334150 3a853d1995 z original

12. Trained by our government to kill everyone in sight.

Gun dog original

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