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You'd be wise not to mess with any of these knife-wielding, psychotic -- oh who am I kidding? They're too cute to ignore/get murdered by.
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Published March 30, 2011

1. Paw on the trigger. Always on the trigger.

Cat gun width 600x

2. He'll Tear Your Motherf--king Face Off If You Deny Him Treats

Tumblr liu6h8jk0j1qzlfumo1 500 width 600x

3. Yes, he has a knife. But does he know how to handle it? Yes.

455067927 b7fd59f023 z width 600x

4. Nice Try, Mr. Giggles

Scary dog width 600x

5. Probably Photoshopped. Definitely Deadly.

Funny groundhog picture screw ted nugent  width 600x

6. Oh just another psycho ready for his walk.

I am scary dog width 600x

7. Take your pick. You choose how you'd like to die.

5283932431 5e325f8b11 z width 600x

8. I wouldn't mess with a goat packing two shotguns

Tumblr litlm9m8r61qe0wclo1 500 width 600x

9. Samurai Dog is a classically trained assassin

Tumblr lgifj7q8mu1qzq9m4o1 500 width 600x

10. Look into his eyes. And you'll see hell.

Giant dog w gun width 600x

11. And that's his smallest gun

2938334150 3a853d1995 z width 600x

12. Trained by our government to kill everyone in sight.

Gun dog width 600x

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