Every year celebrities gather at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan to try and find out who can look the most uncomfortable on the red carpet. Here's a quick run down of the biggest winners and losers of the night.

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May 05, 2015

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway thinks she's hot shit because she can walk unaided and even shield herself from rain and sun with a useful hood. Sorry, Anne, you just don't get fashion.


Kim and Kanye looked uncomfortable enough, but their discomfort is not tied to their clothes. They look uncomfortable all the time, so they didn't really pull off anything special here.

Anna Wintour & Her Kid

Anna Wintour continues to prove she is capable of looking super uncomfortable in ways that channel classic discomfort with avant garde torture. This classic fruit-rollup silhouette paired with these "who would do this!?" shoulder garnishes creates a nonsensical number that looks like there was some kind of terrible mistake. Her daughter, however, is tragically fashion-challenged if she thinks a simple train is enough to make her the most uncomfortable girl at the ball.


Bey definitely brings it in the "I shouldn't be outside wearing this, let alone in front of people" department. But unfortunately she leans on an old trick here of simply not wearing enough clothing. Normally I'd be impressed that the clothing she is wearing appears to be made of only the most uncomfortable materials (rocks, etc), but I already saw her do full choreography in a glass suit at the VMA's last year. Compared to that this might as well be sweatpants.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah definitely looks uncomfortable here, and also kind of afraid, I like to think in order to channel this she convinced herself her hat was really made of fire. That is some solid method acting right there.

P. Diddy's wife, Cassie something

P. Diddy's wife, Cassie something thinks that being slightly colder between your boobs is enough discomfort for the Met Ball. But sorry, P. Diddy's wife, Cassie something, that's not going to cut it here, you're in the big leagues now. (Were you in the big leagues before? Sorry I don't know who you are.)

Grace Coddington

No. Come on.


This looks weird, but is it uncomfortable? Not quite. It actually looks like it fits her quite well and she appears to feel very confident about it. Maybe if you were trying to eat though, I could see it being a pain in the ass. Sorry, Solange, you shoulda brought a popsicle or something if you wanted to win this one.


Rihanna found a really fancy California King-size duvet and dragged it down the red carpet while naked. Everyone agrees, Rihanna wins the Met Ball this year.