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This is for the straight guys, Gay ladies, and Bi People. Pro wrestling Memes X-Divas edition. Enjoy it !
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She will Tara you a new one buddy !

Serena Deeb

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Serena Deeb get out of my dream an into my bed.  "Hell i would give Deeb Head."


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"Put a Leash on Maryse because i want her to be as my pet." #Freaky

Miss. Jackie

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#JackinJackie "Best hands around !"


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Less mucsle more FUCKALE !

Jacqueline Moore

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#WhatiStheSafeWord "Make it sting !"  Jackie Moore she ain't no whore son !


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Damn she is smooth !

Kelly Kelly

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She is the BOMB ! #Bombdiggity


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She will rock your world boy !


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What are them puppies Double MM's you got there you got rockin a Miss. M double };-{O=

Mickey James

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Chief Woody is call your name baby ! "YOU KNOW WHAT AM SAYiN BOO" O! O! O!


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Let me tell you something dude ! Her Katraina Waters can over flow on me anytime big sexy. An you know it bro ! #Squirty

Daffney Unger

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i hunger for the unger #LetsEatOut

The Kat

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Smack me around and call me Miss. Sunshine because am going into bumtown.  A !

shelly martinez

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Herb it's good for the mind body and soul. An thats a fact jack !


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Scary Terrie she is hairy free and everything. 

Kimberly Page

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#DDP ( Double Dick Penetration )

Sunny Sunny

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Not bad for an old pill head. Not bad at all my sweet. #HookerUp

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Well Blow Me Down !