It was announced recently that Joss Whedon signed a huge three year exclusive deal with Marvel Studios that will have him working under the company's roof until June 2015. Here are some of the less talked about tasks... more »

High Five Administer

Pictured here attempting the rarely seen double high five, Whedon will be in charge of slappin' skin wherever a broseph is doing the damn thang.  

Tautness Appraiser

Joss knows when something is taut.  He'll be making sure Hawkeye's bowstring is as tight as Black Widow's unitard.

Photo-Bomb Squad

No pic will go unbombed when Whedon is in the hizzy.  In this picture he leaned in at the last second to stamp the photo with his creepy smirk.


AKA 'Handsome Man Conversation Mediator'.  Joss is a good lookin' fella, but let's face it, he's no Evans or Downey Jr., someone has to sit in on their conversations and make sure they don't just go back and forth talking about their abs and the last starlet they bedded.

Ruffalo's Personal Conflict Manager

Mark Ruffalo was cast as The Hulk because of his intense anger issues, so Whedon will have to be around to keep him in check.  In this picture Ruffalo is about to go ape because the camera looked at him funny (Joss assured him that he was just using a Dutch angle).

Shield Agent

No, not like Agent Coulson...  Captain America's Shield is an icon and it must never touch the ground, so Joss will have to stand and hold it whenever Evans isn't being filmed.

Keepin' It Real Coach

Whedon is from the streets, in this picture he's helping Sam Jackson get into the zone by telling him about when he snapped this buster's neck for fronting.

Hemsworth Life Explainer

Chris Hemsworth is a good Thor and looks great with his shirt off but he doesn't necessarily "get" "things" so Whedon will have to be on hand to explain tough concepts like matching your eyeline and 'where the poo go when you flush'.