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check it out 20 of them yo !
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Published October 23, 2013

Macho Man Rand Savage

E0533a226e30cc1f73f5ade4d08fb103 original

OOOH YEAH ! Am coming for Hogan ! Snap it to a slim jim ! DiG iT !

Check out my youtube channel

58b2c4b371ef7205d29e34b112cc5c38 original

An just like this guys youtube videos no one wants to watch him.


38db08de5d9d1a0c3546ac527e01ecd4 original

Finger licking Good.

Braking Bad Burgers

2b566e9d16d3380405a25dd1fea1030d original

A can i get a little meth on my burger there champ?


B0ee999a93af8cb7a73ab5f15dd64aee original

Star Whores is the best !


B05e4c80a79475a230e6282a31a52efb original

"Am going to have a hangover after this night is over with but f it yolo ! 4-life !"

The Snake charmer

B2cb09b57cc26968a6eae50845fa3fd7 original

Hey ladies he has a 6inc python for you.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter

B65cdac56a6c388026417ebaa9053c6a original

Yeah he wants to take a bit out of your ass kids.

Malibu Barbie

Ce169211a8c3225240ef32be7b768570 original

An this is how i know it's 2013. SHE-MAN !


2b440fd876fbba9deaeefc51c16a13d2 original

VERY NiCE ! "An thats what she said O !"

Revenge of the Nerds

B5a4e4e1e577bd4c459e15f72e5d5014 original

Or should i say revenge of the dikes !


F8be4f29c6e1c9ddc2b5877fe4b83289 original

Sorry just had another flash back. i kill you !

Sexy Abraham Lincoln

48aef8c709019b8701c8c71cabf66ab3 original

Am 4 scoring };-O you know am talkin about ! UP TOP !


5a4e7fc04c9714bbd28f4fc378d5f856 original

Hey gay adults need to ticker treat somehow you all.


9f744d24c4e32c02131ae0d73d7d22fd original

Well it is that time of the month. Ladies ;-)

Adam and Eve

07b164a062d4dc7e0be155c8b8b6b902 original

Man i love hollween key parties yo !


A5381e942f3336c5db40bd0720b0b1c7 original

Am ready for some Red Lobster.


630b5e24fcaab542c435c29b89fa537d original

O yeah buddy how about i twist your nuts off.

Knights of the round table

E57a67a02c23c1d10a40ae1b3a454f8b original

Yeah where going to need a few more rounds. DRiNK UP !

The Devil

Bf183e1548898af6c6f0a0ba6124b90a original

Yeah it's hot in hell but not as hot as Aksana. But don't tell know one ok.


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