Well since 2015 now and people like Samoa Joe , Angelina Love , Velvet Sky , and other are on their way out in T.N.A. i have some replacement ideas for you T.N.A. ( Roster moves if you well )
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Athena Reese

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The best up in coming pro wrestler in the world today and T.N.A. you need her now as in ASAP !

Sassy Stephie

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She can get the fan emotionally involved with her in ring skills and mic skills that are both on areas she is on top of her game son. One of the greats in pro wrestling today.

Christina Von Eerie

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Come on T.N.A. do it for the Punks. Please T.N.A. just add her onto the roster of T.N.A. for the love of God !

Tomoka Nakagawa

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Pure talent !

Justin Gabriel

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Since he quit the W.W.E. picking me up for the T.N.A. roster would be a nice slap in the face to the W.W.E. who acts like T.N.A. exists + he would spark the T.N.A. X division.

Ultimo Dragon

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The Man the myth the legend my man Ultimo Dragon ! O ! Yes ! i can see it now , Ultimo Dragon Vs The Great Sanada or Tigre Uno Vs Ultimo Dragon or Manik vs Ultimo Dragon or EC3 Vs Ultimo Dragon and the list of instant classic matches could go on , so am saying Ultimo Dragon in T.N.A. in 2015.


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Here Psicosis comes to save the T.N.A. X division ! + his a locker room leader.


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Young ( check ) , High Flyer ( Check ) , Hard worker ( check ) lives for pro wrestling ( check ) So yeah T.N.A. i think his ready for the big time.

Crime Time

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J.T.G. and Shad aka Crime Time are that young big named team that would fit prefect into the mix over at T.N.A. if you ask me T.N.A. peeps.

The Headbangers

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Mosh and Thrasher aka the Headbangers in T.N.A. would sure make a lot of people in your target audience happy you dig. So since your doing tapings in Orlando in the Headbangers live in FL i thinks it's time you give them a call my T.N.A. friends.

The Flock

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Lodi and Sick Boy are two of the most underrated pro wrestlers this world has ever seen but yet they keep on trucking even after all these years.

Fusion D.S.

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You want the best in tag team wrestling well you got the best in Fusion D.S.


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