Mug Shots.
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Published April 04, 2012

You better get a sham wow towel to clean that shit up.

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"F in Hookers these days i tell you what."

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Paid for by that 70's Show

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its been all down hill for her since that 70's show got the ax,but the re-runs pay for her meth at least.

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So hey yo! i know you think am the bad guy.

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With all do respect how is this man not dead. On Drugs4Life!

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Must of been Hangin out with the P Funk that day.

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RiP TheGodfater of soul.

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Some times you just have to smack a bitch

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An thats the bottom line because Stone Cold said so!

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Can i at least bunk with my old cell mate.

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Howabout my old # back.

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At least i have my blow up doll.

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Thati hide up my ass to get it in here.

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