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RJ Mitte (Walt Jr. from Breaking Bad) took over our Twitter account to answer your questions after the finale! Here are his best answers.
Published October 02, 2013 21k views More Info ยป

Let the breakfast questions begin!

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Things didn't go so well for the last guy to mention money.

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We'll miss you too!

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Damn, you just got sassed!

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Maybe try mime?

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But what happened to Huell?!?

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Hopefully over a game of laser tag.

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Don't forget to bring a magnet.

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Second favorite was the line about dipping sticks.

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Louis 4 Life

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Please make more episodes! We'll pay you in hugs.

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Only maybe?

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Solid advice.

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Yeah, one or two at least.

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More productive than college.

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We definitely enjoyed it!

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What about now?

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Very diplomatic answer.

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Knew it was real!

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Parental advice.

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What a guy!

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