Did you know they make tiny hats? And you can put them on cats? What a world we live in!
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Published November 07, 2011

He puts on his robe and wizard hat...

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"Ho, ho, no."

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Four hatted cats. One very lonely owner.

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Hello, kitty!

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The eyes see into your soul.

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This cat doesn't give a duck.

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My, what big ears you have.

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"Lobster? I hardly know her."

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He's the bad boy in the group. He's also gang affiliated.

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Contemplating the meaning of life.

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One classy cat.

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Unhappy birthday.

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Nobody calls Kitty McFly a chicken.

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Just the cats, ma'am.

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Cirque du No Way

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Tilt your head for maximum cuteness.

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This cat has eyes on the top of his head.

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"I think the mushrooms are kicking in."

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"I'm funny? Funny how? Like a clown? Or more like a cat wearing a tiny hat?"

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This is the smallest bow tie for cats the owner could find.

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