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Hey LAL these guys can coach the team. (veiw all on one page please.)
Published November 09, 2012 140 views More Info ยป
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The best coaches in the NBA are nuts and this x NBA starhad done lost it a long time ago. Hell mybe if they would just wear the Grandmama shoes they could be a winning team.

Mr. Cooper

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Because yeah dudeif i wasn't forthat d*mnbad knee ofhis he totallywould ofbeen a top pro back in the 90sbro. An we all know the LAL could hang with dat! As the lady would say "His got all the game."

The white guy from Dodgeball

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AKA that guy from the old NBA basketball video game adds. Why him wellit'slet me tell you why it's becauseof the fact that this F iNteam out here in LA needsa major testosterone shot in the ass if you ask me. "F*CK YEAH THEY DO!"

the Worm

Dennis rodman original

As the Player\Coach like the old days because this team needs some f*ckin D! + this team needs to start drinking more togetherif there ever going to win out there god d*mn it!.

Erik Griffin

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Because if these boy are going to win they need to be getting some ass on the steady players and are dog right here you all his gots the hook up on dat STiNGRAY P*SSY B*TCH! Just don't tell the wives."Heyway do you think they letthem NBA players suckub*tches they call wives havethere owntv show son!" Because what happens of the road stays on the mother f*ckin road mother f*ckers!

Jonny #5

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Because Jonny5is alive and this team isnot an they guess what theyneed a big time miracle of a blessing to get there old asses back on track on there way to winning it all in the 2012-2013 season.

Jack BABY!

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Hell he is already at every game and you know he will cocah for cheap. "O F*CK EM ALL!" KOBE vs the WORLD SUCKA!


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