The votes are in and the winners have been crowned. Let's take a look at those were honored in the year that was.

Most Women Forcibly Bedded By a Guy You Never Heard Of Before This Year, But Almost Became Our President: Herman Cain

Most Money Made by Doing Nothing: Kim Kardashian

Best Emails Explaining Why Your Life Is Inexplicably Becoming More Complicated: Netflix

Outstanding Achievement in Appearing on Serbian Textbooks: Nicolas Cage

Best Santorum: Rick Perry

The Brett Favre Award for Outstanding Achievements in Dick Pics: Anthony Weiner

Best Duck Wearing Your Dad's Sandals: This Duck

Coolest Kid of the Year: Kid Wearing Pizza Hat

Most Innovative Breast Feeder: This Woman

Biggest Jerkoff: Donald Trump

Biggest Jagoff: Donald Trump

Face That Will Haunt Your Dreams, Male Category: Herman Cain

Face That Will Haunt Your Dreams, Female Category: Michele Bachmann

Best Gosling: The 'Dog Carrying' Variety

Outstanding Ability in the Field of Rape Analogies: Johnny Depp

Lifetime Achievement Award for Looking the Other Way: Joe Paterno

Best Intentionally Funny Twitter Account: Rob Delaney

Best Unintentionally Funny Twitter Account: Jose Canseco

Most Likable Member of the Hanks Clan: Chet Haze

Just Kidding! It's Tom, of course.

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Most Fucks Not Given After Peeing Oneself: Liam Neeson

Greatest YouTube Comment

Headline of the Year