By now there's a good chance you're well aware of the fact that the Space Jam website is still up and running. With its yellow text on space background, animated GIFs, and "Jam Cental," it needs to be preserved forever.... more »
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Space Jam

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Last Updated: 1996 Best 90s Feature: Everything. Click around. Spend a day on the Space Jam website. Purchase the soundtrack on cassette. Believe you can fly.  Visit the site

Major League 3: Back to the Minors

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Last Updated: 1998 Best 90s Feature: That the web designer, who presumably was paid billions of dollars due to the fact that only seven of them existed at the time, didn't realize that if you stretch the window, another complete, unlabeled baseball field appears. Is this how we honor Scott Bakula??? Is it????? Visit the site

The Lost World

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Last Updated: 1997 Best 90s Feature: Probably a tie between the frames, the illegible buttons, and the fact that it was an entire viral marketing campaign for fictional company INGEN before anyone knew what a viral marketing campaign was. Worst part about this site? The severe lack of Goldblum.  Visit the site

Wild Wild West

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Last Updated: 1999 Best 90s Feature: Instructions on how to use the internet (top left) Visit the site  

You've Got Mail

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Last Updated: 1998 Best 90s Feature: Meg Ryan still having that cute, girl-next-door sexyness. BOOM! ROASTED MEG RYAN! Visit the site

Battlefield Earth

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Last Updated: 2000 (but for intents and purposes let's assume they built the site in 1999 because they were all super-excited for their Oscar-worthy film.  Best 90s Feature: That at the time, none of us knew that the slow-loading flash animation was Scientology propaganda.  Visit the site


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Last Updated: 1998 Best 90s Feature: The phrase "Parts of this site require the macromedia flash plug-in."  Visit the site

BONUS: The Home Improvement Fan Club

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