Click through this slideshow! All you have to lose are the best years of your life.
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Eh, that's kind of cool.  Guess I'll click on the next one.

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This is the kind of crap my Grandma forwards me. Are these all going to be animal pics?

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What is the throughline here? Are these literally being chosen at random?

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Clearly there is nothing of value here.  The only reason to keep clicking is some kind of sick fixation with finishing what I've started.

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Hey, it's George Brett.  God I'm lonely.

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So this is what it all leads up to?  A fucking sunset?  I wasted 5 precious minutes of my life to get to an image that's probably a preloaded wallpaper on my Macbook?   I gotta get my shit together.  I'm 35 for Christ's sake.  My youth is slipping away and I'm sitting on my ass in front of this computer clicking on whatever stupid shit... hey, is that a monkey in a dress?