It's easy to get lost along the way to Sesame Street.
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Times are tough for everyone these days.

Don't drink and drive, kids.

What don't you understand about "no pictures?"


He swears everything is under control.

"I'm actually looking forward to prison," Bert said with a wink.

Elmo has a very loose definition of "tickle."

There's so much drama in the ABC.

Honestly, someone should have seen this coming.

Although they appear to be fleeing, the damage has been done.

Adrenaline is the highest high.

Lesson learned. Never call a cop a pig.

Look away!

Politics are gross.

This photo was "leaked."

Clearly, he's on something.

Oscar's into MILFs. (Not surprising, I guess.)

Statler and Waldorf compete in the ultimate game of Chicken.

Tyra was later quoted as saying, "It FELT good."

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