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It's easy to get lost along the way to Sesame Street.
Published August 06, 2013 52k views More Info ยป

Times are tough for everyone these days.

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Don't drink and drive, kids.

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What don't you understand about "no pictures?"

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He swears everything is under control.

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"I'm actually looking forward to prison," Bert said with a wink.

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Elmo has a very loose definition of "tickle."

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There's so much drama in the ABC.

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Honestly, someone should have seen this coming.

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Although they appear to be fleeing, the damage has been done.

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Adrenaline is the highest high.

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Lesson learned. Never call a cop a pig.

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Look away!

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Politics are gross.

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This photo was "leaked."

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Clearly, he's on something.

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Oscar's into MILFs. (Not surprising, I guess.)

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Statler and Waldorf compete in the ultimate game of Chicken.

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Tyra was later quoted as saying, "It FELT good."

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