The Hipstamatic iPhone app is all the rage, purportedly giving ordinary pictures a cool, vintage vibe. Well, that's the theory. Here are 5 examples of photos that never should have been snapped using the Hip treatment.

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March 17, 2011

Cat Box In Need of Scooping

No matter what the photographic treatment, images of turds and clumps of cat urine just don't need to be saved for posterity sake.

Tampon Box

Unless you're a product design fetishist, there's no earthly reason to take a Hipstamataic still life of a box of tampons.

Fox News Host Bret Baier

Uptight, conservative, and a little bit creepy, Bret Baier is one television personality who should never make the leap from small screen to iPhone screen.

Family-Size Mayonnaise Container

Fine, you like mayonnaise, but why advertise that fact on your Facebook wall?

Dirty Old Sponge

Actually, this one looks pretty cool.