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Random old pics from summers past. ( view all on one page a.)
Published April 29, 2013 610 views More Info »

Summer time = Orgy Time.

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WOO! Thank God for Zima beers right old guy. "Like lets get some Zima b*tches!" ];-O=

O yah! i could go for a Zima right about now.

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YOU KNOW WHAT AM TAKING LADiES! But looking at naked chicks on the beach will do for now i guess champs.

All the fun music fest in the summer rule!

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Just don't eat the brown acid like this dude did because you will never come down.

Man i can already smell the fish.

1334 width 600x

An from me to you i hope you don't catch anything this summer.

Tennis is in full swing come summer time.

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Now that is an ace );-)

Go to a baseball game and get into a game.

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Hey even Royal fans need tosomething cheer about don't you know.

Bust out your short shorts because it's summer time.

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Hey };-)

All the fun summer time Royal parties in the U.K

7101662ed038021ccf8d1d0f742e7d55 width 600x

Like a homless man once said "Hell if i knew it was going to be that kind of party i would have stuck my d*ck in the mash potatoes!"

Now let the party animal out.

55cba17d420324a1e8bf6b5177305053 width 600x

Because the ladies love a party animal.

Go on now and get your tan on yo.

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Just remember you to put the lotion onskin.

Happy Summer of 2013

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Taker her easy

17378 width 600x

And if she is easy taker twice good budies. HiYo!

Now that was Fly

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