look at it think about it and make your call.
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Published October 08, 2011

Well golly!

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Pump Pump Pump! Pump iT Up! (She is ust the way i like em all manly looking an goofy as all HELL!.)

Hey can i have them burgers in trash over there honey?

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Yeah! give me 2 of everything with everything on it  and deit root beer NOW!  You skinny b*tch!

Smoke weed ever day.

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its 4:20 some where , and 5 oclock in another so get out the zimaz to big sexy becacuse its party time!

Rock the Vote.

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Who should i back Mitt "The Rick Dick" Rommey, The guy we already have that drinks and smokes fags or that one guy no one talks about Grey Jhonson hum?

Do not count endangered animals when trying to go to sleep because u will run out.

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"i like to throw a toothpick in the woods and your home!" RiP Mitch Hedberg 

Who sh*t in these pants!?

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it wasn't me.

You come to me on the day of my daugther wedding.

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You Talking to Me! are you talking to Me! "(yeah see here people where some real funny guys there A)

Now thats the good stuff.

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it tast like chicken.