Every Cat Should Own A Dog!

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July 09, 2014
Don’t worry Larry, they will have to come through me if they want to take you to the pound.
 OK, I’ll be the doughnut this time and you be the doughnut hole. 
Actually Rex, I think it is your time to change the channel. 
He’s mine, I caught him, you can’t have him, he belongs to me, so there.
Hey Irvin, your ear weighs a ton and I am stuck. 
OK, on three, we all roll over. 
So I ran after the ball, then I chased a car, and then I went and got the paper; hey, aren’t you listening? 
 Here, I brought him back, next time he goes for a walk you go get him. 
Don’t worry about her saying you are fat, I loves ya jest the way you are. 
What, who, us? We were no where near the toilet paper roll. Not us, no way. 
Wait a minute, ain’t I supposed to put my paws over my eyes if you hide. 
Hmmmm, have you been eating onions? 
I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bite your tail so hard, I was only teasing. 
You are kidding, she said that? 
You give up yet.
What, time to get up already.