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Published May 15, 2011

before & after but sex

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Don't you see what your doing to your mother! ("its goes out faster than it goes in!")

I want to stick it in her Middleton ;0

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Hey Broz do any of you have a longstocking i can use. Because am clean & am trying to keep it that way.

it's all down hill after 49 a Janet

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But i would still stick it in her. (Money, Money, Money, Money!)

O yeah DADDY like E!

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Da*n it gandpaul go jack off at your own house.

Egypt is the sh*t Now days.

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Bashar Al-Assad your the next one going down you bastered.

look at them lips

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My pants are geting tight!

Naked & legal guys

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Thank you God!

One sexy little monster

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Please be a women please for the love of God be a women!

That is one Phat cow

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half cougar half cow. Captain MiLF!

must be from Kentucky

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or W.V or Utah or Indiana or where ever white trash can be found.

O those are REAL!

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So this is what you did with your stipping money. Good Call!

i love the feel

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She likes wearing this because it reminds her of her step daddy.

Hit them balls off my ass

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Because i like to play in the ruff. (Hell Tiger Woods F*cked her.)

i see why you have all them damn kids now.

Sarah palin 5 original

Give me a sec i have to go do a load. "if you know what am sayin!"


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So easy a cave man can do them. (sluts cheaper then hookers.)

she got that i just took a dump look

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and it smells like someone has a bit of the squirties "fump!"  

Just Keep on dancing

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Just lie and say it blood.


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Now that is tasty  (Ok go brush your teeth)