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#10 Janaeane Garofalo

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Punk + Drunk = My Kind of Lady };-) Vegan Power! 

#9 Sara Palin

Sarah palin 5 original

She sticks it up are ass everyday so i think it's do time that i really stick it up her butt.  Really f*ck her over hardcore baby! 

#8 Christine O'Donnell

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Captain Red Wings to the rescue! Man do i love to pop cherries and lick them clean i tell you what big sexy. 

#7 Sharon Stone

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YEAH BUDDY! Am Stoned and am talking both kinds. An now my pants are sticky. "Got a little cream in my jeans. 

#6 Sara Silverman

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Well since her man is Bi i was thinking about a little gang bang action. "An she will have to laugh to keep from crying when we hit the sheets because i hit it hard all day long baby! 

#5 Demi Moore

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Lets get tweaked out and freaked out my sweet. Because i eat out and i also go to brown town when i pound it out ];-O you know what am sayin. Don't forget to lick the rem. 

#4 Pipa Middeton

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She can pipa my long stocking any day of the week my freaks because i party hard and i f*ck harder my ladies. 

#3 Erin Burnett

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The only reason i watch the new. Because a man needs to clean the pipes at least 5 day a week. An when we get in the sheets we don't sleep boo. 

#2 Jennifer Love Hewitt

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OOH YEAH ! So like man i would love to give her a Hewitt anytime. ( Hewitt = To Double fist a woman when f*cking her in the butt when his rubs her tits with on hand and her clit with the other until she sezures into a convulsion orgasam that just don't stop. )

#1 Marisa Tomei

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Marisa Tomei is tight in the sack that she is tigher than a fasting nuns b-hole on Easter Sunday.  Marisa Tomei turning gay me strate since 1990. 

bonus: Octomom

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Am going to get you off so meany times that you dry up so much to the point where you can't ever have any kids again sweet cheeks. 

You know what am talking

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LADiES. "i get PMS for breakfast"