If posing nude with the whole family seems like a good idea to you, that's a good sign that you probably shouldn't have kids. If you do actually convince your family to go along with the idea, there's about a 98%... more »
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Published January 06, 2012

Christmas in paradise

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Aren't you glad you didn't get a Christmas card from them?

Family engaged in group anal sex

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Kids sure are a pain in the ass aren't they?

family in nude suits

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Stop playing with Daddies dick and smile for the camera.

where did that come from?

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Look babe, three's acrowd!  Can't you ditch it with your mom for awhile?

we're always covering for Dad.

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Kids, your whole lives are ahead of you, don't look back at where you came from, just get the hell out of there as fast as you can!

fat cats

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fluffy kitties feel soooo good!

speedo wedding photo

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Obviously a formal event calls for formal attire.  What did you wear at your wedding, cutoffs?