It's good to stay in shape, but you don't need to be capable of lifting a horse.

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So women, if these 4 freakish women have taught you anything, its don't lift weights to become larger than The Incredible Hulk.

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May 27, 2012

Want some beef?

Women, do you see these legs? DON'T DO THAT. That's a no no! Her legs look like to very large dicks with boots on. Working out your legs is a good idea, but not to the point where you're able to squat the mobile home you're living in. Her vagina is definitely capable of ripping a man's penis off with one tight squeeze.

Sup nipples?

First of all, she appears to be smuggling two saggy steroid tits. She can FOR SURE beat the shit out of a lot of teenagers with those guns. I bet on each side of that weight bar, are two very obese house cats because she's lonely. I like how she's wearing a dress while curling probably 100+ pounds, because the dress will of course distract men from her being the most masculant woman at 24 Hour Fitness.

Fartin n flexin.

She appears to be farting something fierce during this terrible pose. Ladies, if you want your face to look manly and lose your boobers, keep bench pressing 500 pounds. I'm somewhat surprised that her armpits aren't covered in just the THICKEST hair. I bet her pubic area is messier than a Persian who hasn't shaved their genitalia for 30 years.

What the FUCK!

Wow... where to start. She's darker than Michael Clark Duncan, AND has the same size arms! She definitely has no problems opening a jar of whatever the fuck she eats, probably a jar of live snakes. I don't know what she's wearing, and I don't know who told her that she looks good in it, but I assume whoever did was threatened by this muscle lady. She appears to have cleavage, I don't know how, but I bet she ripped the implants out of another woman's chest and physically placed them into her own body.