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LISTEN. This is not about mocking Fox News for any political agenda. This is about the fact that the network clearly has a tendency for major onscreen gaffes, which may or may not undermine those political agendas. It's... more »
Published March 28, 2011 720k views Immortal More Info »

1. 0% Back Elementary Math

Fox news pie chart fail width 600x

2. Yes. Yes they are.

Tumblr lirtj5vzdj1qzpwi0o1 500 width 600x

3. Elie Wiesel: 1, Nazis: 0

Book learnin  width 640x width 600x

4. Only When Watching Hard-Hitting News

1267562432 fox news fail 11648 1267545364 34 width 600x

5. Don't Think Gas is the Real Problem

Slide 6687 88995 large fullsize width 600x

6. Eqypt: Now Landlocked

Fox news map fail 14026 1248897794 4 width 600x

7. See Sarcasm of Slide #1

Fox news fail at math glenn beck bill orielly rasmussen report poll global warming width 600x

8. The Caption Almost Seems Disappointed

Chyron fullsize width 600x

9. Tops in the Ratings for a Reason

Fox news obama fail someecards width 600x

10. Well, Tops in the Ratings for Two Reasons

4074 588x396 width 600x

11. Agreed

Fox 20100219 chyronfail fullsize width 600x

12. I Should Hope Not

Underage width 600x

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