LISTEN. This is not about mocking Fox News for any political agenda. This is about the fact that the network clearly has a tendency for major onscreen gaffes, which may or may not undermine those political agendas. It's... more »
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1. 0% Back Elementary Math

Fox news pie chart fail original

2. Yes. Yes they are.

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3. Elie Wiesel: 1, Nazis: 0

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4. Only When Watching Hard-Hitting News

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5. Don't Think Gas is the Real Problem

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6. Eqypt: Now Landlocked

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7. See Sarcasm of Slide #1

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8. The Caption Almost Seems Disappointed

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9. Tops in the Ratings for a Reason

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10. Well, Tops in the Ratings for Two Reasons

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11. Agreed

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12. I Should Hope Not

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