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Pics on the slide my brothers and sisters. (view all on one page.)
Published September 18, 2012 540 views More Info »

Man where smokin dog sh*t dude.

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"Because we gettin high today!"  Led Zeppelin!

This is what we do for fun out here the US of A my ladies.

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EVERDAY ALL DAY SUCKA! "Go on an bust a nut in dat butt son!"

Lucky for me am not tripping my ball or anything at all like that ;-)

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Because am going to poping dat phat ass p*ssy up right tonight DOGG! "But first i need to ride over there." (This is what happens when you hangout at a hippie jam band show. That or this is a protest of kind.) DON'T EAT THE BROWN ACiD! (i just said that in slow mo.)

The Jay Man loves you all more than words could ever say. As do i Pope Jonny #5.

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Keep the faith.


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"O Sh*t i think was eating out fat ladies agian." By the way can i tast your face.


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To all my Bros and Hoes out there be cool my friends because his gotz this yo!

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THANK YOUR FATHER.  "To the Father!"  

There Both getting there X-Mas gift early this year ];-) if your know what am saying?

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"Are you my daddy?"

O you know what she be takin about.

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You Know it brodeeman.

You get one free B

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