Okay, fine. This really is just an excuse to post perhaps the greatest picture of Jacko ever taken. But that said, there really are some weird pictures of celebs out there, posing with the least likely of guests. We don't... more »

Rejected Cover Art for "Thriller"

My respect for Jacko just went up 1000%. (via)

Probably the Best Picture of a Seal Ever Taken

Yes, the gang signs are necessary. That seal is hard. (via)

2Pac's Side Project

To be fair, Ace Frehley did have a tattoo that read "Thug Life." (via)

Actors. The Egos on Those Guys.

After a series of disagreements, Hitchcock was forced to fire his star and replace him with Cary Grant. (via

Which One Doesn't Belong?

All of them. (via)

50 Cent's New Friend...

...Is Keenan's new nightmare. (via)

Salvador Dali and his Pet Anteater

Totally normal picture being taken here. (via)


The best part is when he's crazy. (via)

Two Peas in a Crazy Pod

Not Pictured: People actually watching the MTV Awards. (via)