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10 things dudes are into. (view all on one page.)
Published December 03, 2012 1.3k views More Info »

#10 A good Meal

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Because you toilet can't handle one more of them Taco-Bell night if you know what am getting at?

#9 Time on the Links

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Because a good game of golf  helps keep a man center in his life my ladies. ( So if you don't want your man to flip the f*ck out just let him play.)

#8 For the Montreal Expos to come back.

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The NL east needs there Expos God D*AN iT! Look i don't know how in the hell this could be done but just make it happen for all the them life long Expos fans. ( F*CK D.C! )


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Sex it's good for the mind body and soul and thats a fact jack! Even if it is with a stupid dumbass b*tch.  


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WOOO now you show them boobies baby!

#5 A Cash Cow

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Hey Look ladies it's 2014 it's about dang time your the one who brings home the bread my sweet. Am i right guys or am i right? ( An thats way i date Cougars.)

#4 Star Wars

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Because Star Wars is life.

#3 Taking about the boyz Nightz!

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Because a man must stay ture to himself my sweet little ladies. An you know this b*tches!

#2 Guns

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Because you never know when the next war will brake out in your backyard.

#1 Weed

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Because in this life we all you must keep a open mind about things yah dig. JAH RASTAFARi!