Click her you sick f*ck and view all on one page you twisted nut.
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i know you got that Foot Fetus like me ;-)

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"Well you know me i do like to be cut whem am getting a foot job from the hookers." 

Cum to Taco Bell

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"Hey when you lick the b-hole right your going to hit that jack pot like old Amanda here everytime dogs." Butt sex it's good for the colon. 

A i like to dance on weekends.

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"Hey i have to pay for these drinks some how dang it !" Now Lets get retarded out here. O! Wait am already retarded. 

Keep yo bitch on a leash bros. it's the law!

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"Aha yes it must be nice to be rich a little buddy?"

O just rub one out in the sink.

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Hey  yo when your rubbing one out on your period things get messy. Trust me i have my red wings badge. 

Told you i have my red wings.

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STD free since 85. An am HiV + about that one. Or so i think anyways mates. 

She will suck your d*ck man!

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How do you think she got that show on Comedy Central called inside Amy a };-) But anyways watch that show because it's going to be f*cking funny as f*ck for sure yo. So go check it out right now! 

Now lets get real super freaky baby!

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C*M on down.