Kim Kardashian takes selfless selfies to help sell fish. Thanks to the sexy efforts of Kim Kardashian, the stock in fish has skyrocketed! In these 10 “sell fish” selfies, Kim beautifully transforms mind, body and soul to embrace all that is fish.

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August 12, 2014


Who wore it better?

Don’t be coy, Kim. We all know your selfies are for the betterment of fish.

No one could really be this arrogant. She’s just selling schools of fish.

Fun fact: beached fish can live longer than beached whales.

This one’s an homage to being forced to have to look at one’s own reflection every day.

Eagles often prey on fish. Capturing them when they least expect it.

Blood is great for the scales.

One of these creatures has a three second memory. The other one only wishes hers lasted that, huh?

Don't go chasing waterfalls.