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W.C.W. ( Wild Championship Wrestling )

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Tuner Broadcasting System inc. As the new owners of W.C.W. ( Shows ,W.C.W. Nitro live on T.N.A. Mondays 9pm - 11pm ET. W.C.W. Thunder Live on T.B.S. Thursdays at 8pm - 10pm ET and W.C.W. World Wide Saturdays 6pm - 7pm on T.B.S. )

W.C.W. for Adults Only

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( Must be 18 or over to be at the shows in person for the tapings and other events. )( W.C.W Titles Holders plans )( W.C.W. World Champ - Scott Steiner )( W.C.W. T.V. Champ - Buff Bagwell )( Tag Team Champs - Sick Boy and Lodi )( Women's Champ - Daffney )


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The demo where shooting for is that 21 and over type of person. Live in your face rated T.V. MA level pro wrestling not for faint of heart !


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