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Me shooting my mouth about pro wrestling + pics to help out my rants. ( O YEAH ! DiG iT ! Brother !)
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Come on W.W.E bring him up to main roster as EL Generico if not than just fire his ass !

R.O.H pro wrestling Woman's World Title

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Hey R.O.H if you want to call yourself a pro wrestling company your going to need a woman's divison and woman's title for the divison and MsChif with Daffney Unger as her manager would be the honorable thing to do my peeps.

Mickey James Vs A.J Lee

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Chris Masters

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Come on NWA the guy is a real life hero bros.

Maryse Ouellet is coming to TNA

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KO of a life time baby ! AN YOU KNOW iT BRO !

T.N.A Ko's tag Title Championships

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Hey T.N.A if you want more fans you will bring the KO's Tag Titles back in 2014. ( it's what makes T.N.A different )

Kenny "THE PiTBULL" KiNG !

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The real King of the Ring sucka !

Mega Muerte

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The real monster of pro wrestling. ( Just think T.N.A. Abyss vs Mega Muerte for the T.V TiTLE LiVE on impact ! )

Johnny Nitro in TNA

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LOOK OUT ! X Divison and the rest of the TNA roster because where kickin this into Nirtro gear players !


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iron man Rob Conway !

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The best Champ in pro wrestling today son ! And HEY ! N.W.A i got a event idea for you all.NWA Mid-Atlantic @ the Weirton Millsop Community Center in Weirton W.V. ( Main Event: iron MAN Rob Conway vsBrian Christopher Lawler ) FOR THE N.W.A WORLD CHAMPiONSHiP !

A.J Styles in the W.W.E in 2014

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if you build it they will come.

Mickey vs A.J vs Victoria

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The One Billy Gunn

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At age 50 his still a better pro wrestler and is better shape than 99% of all pro wrestlers an you f in know it ! ( Just think W.W.E Dolph vs ASS ) JUST SAYiN ! ( Am an ASS-MAN ! )

Bob Hardcore Holly

850048ceed5c9a1372307950b0ce85b6 original

He can still go in the ring like a champ and then some big dogs ! SO TNA, ROH or NWA your ass better call somebody ! Because his game you little punks. HOW DO YOU LiKE ME NOW !


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TNA you need a real team and now ! An these 2 metal heads are just the guys to do it for you TNA. ( Headbangers TNA world tag champ 2014 ) There coming for you BRO-MANS ! #SLAMDANCE #STAGEDiVE ( Now beer me because it's 420 ! )

Sting vs Goldberg ( TNA 2014 )

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Sting's last match has to be vs Goldberg ! Come on T.N.A ! Do iT for the FANS MAN ! ( Match of a Life Time and then some my Kool Kats. ) ( Am crapping myself just thinking about it boo ! ) #MARKS Sidenote: "Sting is the best ever by far and way son !"

Billy Kidman

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Mr. Billy Kidman here needs to have a in ring come back in the W.W.E since his working for them and all i don't see why not you dig. An old Billy Kidman here needs to bring back the Lightheavyweight Championship in 2014. #FlyingHighAgain #ThatsMyDude

Your next N.W.A Tag Team Champs

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Come on N.W.A give them one last good run with tag titles, being that there one of the best if not the best team ever ! AN ALL ! #BroOut

Alex Riley ( Next U.S Champ )

Daa43f9385e960b35170c1e9c3827020 original

His skils are bar none so grow some balls W.W.E and push a real pro wrestler for once for the love of God ! #KiLLiNiT

Aksana be BAD

5e1d01066ba7e608be2b3033a7e3b287 original

( Hook her phat ass up with 3MB so she can be there Yoko Ono )

R.O.H Tag Team Champs ( 2014 )

A845848d87e657d765aa34b177a5673d original

Taking R.O.H to a whole nother LEVEL ! ( Now this is wrestling )

Spirit Squad is = to The Job Squad

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Well W.W.E if your going to make Dolph a jobber his going to need a tag team partner. So i say bring back my boy Kenny Dykstra. #ShowOFFYourSpirit

Justin "Cape Town Werewolf" Gabriel

1e42d894678eb44e30036bef76c4e215 original

His way to good to be a life time jobber. An he would fit right in as a X divison star in TNA. ( Next TNA X Champ )

Where the Three MAN BAND !

49ed1f5db4520c8aab508aa56318bb8d original

Hey W.W.E Factions don't job ! So just push them already or end them. WOO ! #3MB BABY !

Chavo HEAT

A4f68543c50e3383a2e33a2aab930174 original

Am telling you right now R.O.H if you where smart Chavo would be on the roster come 2014, because Chavo is everything that R.O.H stands for f in sure !

Buff Bagwell ( TNA )

F0494673b281b71bb82e333e79443cda original

Thank God your pushing the younger people on the roster T.N.A but am telling TNA you need a older guy there besides The Stinger to help these younger cats out, inside the ring and outside the ring. So they can really get to where they want to be and need to be in there lives. Buff is the good stuff.


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