Me shooting my mouth about pro wrestling + pics to help out my rants. ( O YEAH ! DiG iT ! Brother !)
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Buff The Stuff Bagwell

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This guy should be used in the N.W.A. as a Heel.


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Since the W.W.E. is forever bring back part-time guys to be at the top of the card Bill Goldberg should make a come in the W.W.E. Even if i think he would be better fit for T.N.A. if you ask me but man it would cool if he got back in the ring because his still a beast and a half.

The iron man Rob Conway aka the con man

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Keep Conway as the N.W.A. World Champ. An besides the N.J.P.W. guys and the up in coming N.W.A. guys i would enjoy seeing him fight guys like The Vampire Warrior Gangrel , Buff Bagwell , Jindar Mahal , Drew Galloway , Trent Barreta , Curt Hawkins , Billy Kidman , Kid Kash , Matt Cross , Christian York , Danny Doring , Johnny Swinger , Spike Dudley , Justin Credible ( An really the list could go on forever and a day but these are just a few anyways. )


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Well in my mind she should be picked back up by the W.W.E. and put on the next season of Total Divas if yo ask me W.W.E. but if a no go on that am saying the G.F.W. or even T.N.A. should pick her up right away because she the bomb baby ! Jinder Mahal with Aksana by his side would also be sweet ! Hey just sayin you dig home slice.

Chris Masters and Carlito

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These guys should be picked by the G.F.W. as a tag team called the Masters of Cool.

Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff

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These guys should be the Next N.W.A. U.S. Tag Team Champs and they should get a shot at the N.W.A. world tag team gold in Japan. An Hell G.F.W. you should think about picking these guy up as a team players.


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Besides the best in the independents and the people from the other companies your linked up with the G.F.W. should pick up the people that need a second chance and the older wash up people who still got it for the G.F.W. roster. An help out A.A.A. underground because A.A.A. needs an English speaking side of the company. Side-note: Yes the G.F.W. needs a T.V. show.

Jerry The King Lawler

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The W.W.E. should let Jerry The King Lawler be the W.W.E. champ for a day or at least let him back in the ring every now and then like he wants. Because come on W.W.E. if you are going to let Ric Flair back in the ring i think you could the same for Jerry because the King is fine now.

Yuvraj "Raj" Singh Dhesi aka Jinder Mahal

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Check this match out. On N.W.A. S.A.W. Raj Singh Vs Lou Marconi for the N.W.A. National Heavyweight Title and old Jinder because the new champ starting a rivalry with Lou Marconi over the National title would be a good thing for the N.W.A. if you ask me N.W.A.

The Headbangers

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The Headbangers should be in T.N.A. right now if you ask me but until they get picked up by the G.F.W. or T.N.A. they should become the next N.W.A. World Tag Team Champs. or at least N.W.A. U.S. Tag Team Champs. But for real T.N.A. bring them in my friends.


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