Kids these days. ( you best view all on one page.) ( to see full jokes view all on one page like i just said players.)
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Before giving birth

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"We can stil get it on and we don't hate each other yet. BOOM! now that's the good stuff."

The baby stage.

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"Daddy doesn't live here anymore but your gandmother will keep and eye on you so i can go out to the bars to find you a new daddy there little guy. An don't worry my little man i'll be back in 10 shots and one butt pouding dude."  ( Butt sex at least you can't get pregnant. )

The Teen Years.

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"This is what they want from you and all you get in return is sh*t for it by that little sh*t." Don't you know who i am! 

There Adult Years

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There never going to leave your basment honey. "Hey mom! Where are my f*cking hot pockets at you dumb b*tch!" 

An this is what your going to do to your self because after having kids.

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Harry Caray i tell you! O! Mother F*ckers! i hate everything!

An just think it all started on this very day.

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At least Hell can't be this bad. 

Now Back off before i cut you fool!

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"O f*ck no Skeletor has the power of Greyskull!" WHERE ALL GOiNG TO DiE!