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Top 34 independent pro wrestling women in pro wrestling today.
Published August 09, 2014 780 views More Info »

#34. Leva Bates

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She might be a one big time geeky ass nerd of a dweeb but she can wrestle with the best of them and that ain't no lie son ! ( Sorry Leva Bates am underrating you big time ) Sidenote: She should be a Diva or a KO by now for the love of God ! 

#33. Cindy Rogers

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What can i say besides this chicks a fighter my man ! 

#32. Traci Brooks

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Traci Brooks has been getting men hooked on pro wrestling with her good looks for a long time now and she ain't slowing down at all even at 40 years old boy ! 

#31. Shelly Martinez

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Not only is she a pro wrestler but she is also a porn star bros ! ( Go look it up buds )  An she is also a pot head so am down with that a. 

#30. Venus

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Venus long time pro wrestler that understands how to work the crowd as a face or a heel because she has the feel for pro wrestling like a champ. 

#29. Amber O' Neal

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She might be a little skanky but even at 40 years old this rough and tough badass makes it look good you dig. 

#28. Melina

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You remember her from her W.W.E. days but let me tell you something dude ! She looks even better now a days and her in ring skills are getting better even at 35 year old she better than ever dogs ! Sidenote: She is a good little actress. 

#27. Ashley Massaro

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Yep this white trash hottie that used to be in the W.W.E. is now 35 year old and is still into pro wrestling on the independents and Hell she looks better than ever in my mind anyways. But she gets her done ! 

#26. Aida Marie

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She is one tough cookie my friends. 

#25. Karlee Leilani Perez

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Good looking, good actress, and good in ring skills so can go wrong with Maxine my peeps. 

#24. Josianne

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This little pussycat plays hard in that ring and she make it look double damn good when doing so yo ! 

#23. Aksana

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New to the independent pro wrestling world but we all know she can do the do if you know what am sayin G ! 

#22. Kimber Lee

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This sexy little thing is becoming one of the all time best in women's pro wrestling really fast like so keep an eye on her sports fans. 

#21. Christie Ricci

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This Phat as bitch has been kick ass on the independents since 2002 and she has got it all going on for her players ! 

#20. Jillan Hall

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Still loud as Hell but let me tell you this my friends she has gotten a lot better since her W.W.E. days for sure big cats. 

#19. Courtney Rush

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This tall drink of H20 is in a rush to get to the top and she is truly busting her ass in doing it up in the world of pro wrestling. 

#18. Nicole Matthews

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Yeah she is one f in badass killer bitch that can really dish it out in the ring. 

#17. Nevaeh

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she's got the look and she has the skills to pay the bills son ! 

#16. Jessicka Havok

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Miss. Jessicka Havok she don't play no games home slice. 

#15. Ivelisse Velez

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Don't let ivelisse very good looks fool you champ because she is a little hell cat in that ring a. 

#14. Christina Von Eerie

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This rockin punk ass bitch is on dirty bitch in that ring but am telling you she just keep getting better and better as pro wrestling and she is only 24 year old yo ! #OvariesToTheWALL 

#13. Allysin Kay

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She is the lady version of Hannibal Lecter because she will eat you alive in that ring bitch ! 

#12. Tomoka Nakagawa

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She travels the word selling moves like pro wrestling is going out of business. 

#11. Sassy Stephie

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This foxy lady has all the T.N.A. };-{O if you know what am sayin ! An my God she wrestle with the best of them and then some because she really is just that damn good honey ! She be on sassy badass bitch yo !  ( Sidenote Totally my dream woman ) 

#10. Hikaru Shida

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Hikaru Shida is surprisingly awesome in every single way and more because she ain't no bore my peeps. 

#9. Athena Reese

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She is the fastest rising star in women's pro wrestling because she has the heart of lion in that ring like the champ she is a. #Young&HOT 

#8. Hiroyo Matsumoto

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My girl Hiroyo Matsumoto is flawless. 

#7. Kacee Carlisle

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She is 34 year old and has been wrestling since she was a teen she is a big girl but she gets more fit and more skilled by each passing year and let me tell you something this lady is a true pro wrestler and she go hard yo ! 

#6. Kana

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She can do it all and then some and she makes it look damn good every single time sucka ! 

#5. Portia Perez

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She might be small but she is one mighty little woman that is very skilled in everything she does in pro wrestling. She is a top class wrestler for f in sure buddy ! 

#4. Mio Shirai

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She is one hell of a killer wrestler ! 

#3. Serena Deeb

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You remember her from the W.W.E. straight edge society but now a days she is killing it on the independents as one of the very best in the all the world these days mates. 

#2. Kat Green

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The most underrated pro wrestler ( woman or man ) that i have ever seen i my life because she is a wrestling God ! 

#1B. Mia Yim

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Mia Yim is all that and a bag of chips players ! 

#1A Cherry Bomb

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What can i say mates she is the f in bomb baby ! 

Kiss my ass !

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