While individuals in this country are persecuted for openly celebrating Christmas, many choose to do so anyway. Unfortunately, Christmas is not a choice, but we must spread awareness, so that those who celebrate Christmas might not suffer in silence any longer.

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December 09, 2011

Throughout the years, families - young children included - have been forced to celebrate Christmas behind closed doors. In the words of the old Christmas saying, "What happens inside our cozy house on Christmas, stays inside our cozy house on Christmas."

This family took an enormous risk in posing for a stock Christmas photograph, but their love of the holiday, as well as their generic look and the company's privacy agreement, have kept them safe thus far.

Unfortunately, privacy isn't an option for everyone. Shortly after filming this Christmas-endorsing video, the entire cast of Charlie Brown was arrested, never to be heard from again. (Think about it, have you ever seen them as adults?)

In an act of unwavering courage and defiance, this family decorated the exterior of their house with lights. What's more, they mailed this photo to other family members, friends, and acquaintances, and have been shunned from all receiving parties since.

Perhaps the greatest heroes are the young'ns. This little guy was born with Christmas in his heart, and he's not about to change, even if that means he's in for a life of persecution, solitary confinement, and ridicule.