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Memes and stuff and things.
Published April 03, 2013 210k views Immortal More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Thanks to The Walking Dead subreddit for making this show worth watching.

Overly attached Maggie

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Funny face contest!

Affc76b65854320c4067118dade40a9d original

AMC's secret agenda

76706c005855230a18b3aaa141c001e3 original

Uncanny resemblance

C7651660e9bcee64e09d11b581e23ed0 original

Rick's favorite store

67df8553c2ef335d55234de1fbf40f22 original

What Rick really saw

B04e90fc59fcc2c4b4494cacc30ff83d original

Too easy

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Michonne's prized posession

D6ca3403fd93695d101dac56b4426da8 original

Rick's not afraid to get in your face

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Did not see that one coming

Ae534ca21bd42755b9f420f4f4523d63 original

We hardly knew him

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Governor's dream

50b5a71f0a8c47a8bf80bc2b48be23df original

Rick's priorities

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Coming this Fall to AMC

1848aff9e90018ce8735e2cfc6b10c37 original

We're going to war...soon

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The gang solves The Walking Dead

3ed793d39c865494d4aaf88f951ace33 original

Fine art

C89d055b4a1acab4c08c4033bd34d2d1 original

Did we just become best friends?

97b6ae1b875c0b35b94f61d306e13c8c original

He died for your sins

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Extremely moderate outrage

89befbf123ef61bc58ef37c779e1fc4c original

Unacceptable terms

8c3ec095e7ab1d0375a46494ed704ae0 original

Ricky G-Rhymes

C6e29fa04fcdb5b13aad402b65460016 original

Goodnight, sweet princes

8cce7d51a703044d199d393ba800f074 original

Thought those guys looked familiar

D098b5df32baf8aa4de0157159ef281b original

Dat face

2f62b4f60a8c70445b8a13074fcb4e4f original

Darryl crying with salad 1

Cf2f97ceab85deb2e8b70480a517bca4 original

Darryl crying with salad 2

A3f5a421585f1d2d2d26e75ef0e9e890 original

Darryl crying with salad 3

D4a9839e6c1219d6d4b86b3f5b862563 original

The final straw

5fd56d4a411ca6c903f5eef19b794a5f original

Andrea logic

8a7282f7ae04f653be566f59cf7e6a87 original

Not cool, Rick

A550650e692ef160727f75c04f868a61 original

Governor logic

B6a6763d2b3f4044fc743047275a485c original

Not cool, Governor

1012b2d39552ff4eb8bebd9378b8e6db original

No thanks

F2a46f3523d3997774819faef7b74fc0 original

That actually explains it

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B35d0efa2041d3d1471572e835233173 original

Coming this Fall to AMC

7a8b7f4f756172c2dfcae24f6860d833 original

Sneak preview of season 4

7590752e5b8cbae76138ae640943103a original

That horrible realization

B63e9b00815193e65ceeebec6f6aefc8 original

Oh, Shane...

5caba406c557032125d4002ed9c35f4b original

The motto

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See you in October!

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